ODR Obsession Challenge

Opening Board Update

Take the ODR Obsession Challenge in partnership with Global Sport Academy and Lake Country Co-op! The Raiders will be posting drills from Global Sport Academy that you can perform at home or at an outdoor rink. Send your clips trying out these drills to Global Sport Academy at for your chance to win prizes and to be featured in future episodes.

Episode 1: Tornado Release

Here are the keys to the Tornado Release drill:

  • The shooter always faces the passer by open pivoting
  • A calm and quiet stick is required prior to pass reception
  • Release the puck from in-front of the feet
  • Your eyes are always on the target

Episode 2: Bombs Away

Here are the keys to the drill:

  • Timing and┬ácommunication are critical for success
  • The shooter adapts to the puck on every shot
  • The passer spots the puck to a space to allow shooter to adjust prior to release
  • Use both eyes and voice to communicate
  • Attempt to hit the middle bar on each shot

Episode 3: Treasure Hunt

Here are the keys to the drill:

  • Be quick, but not in a hurry!
  • Shoulder check and maintain awareness with your head and eyes up.
  • Set the angle back to the puck so it can be easily retrieved.
  • Add fakes and deception through the drill.

Episode 4: War Zone Puck Handling

Here are the keys to the drill:

  • All players strive to keep their eyes up while reading the play
  • Pucks are to be kept on the ice as shooters attempt to strike the puck off the blade of the puck carrier
  • Quick feet and deceptive movement, which include body and stick fakes that are keys to success
  • Intervals should be 30 seconds prior to rotating