Raider vs. Raider

It’s the ultimate showdown of Raider highlights – Raider vs. Raider!

Each week, the two highlights from your Prince Albert Raiders will square off to be the champion and YOU get to pick the winner! Voting runs until Monday of the following week. The champion will then move on to face the best highlight of that week. After four consecutive wins, the champion will be retired.

This week’s matchup:

Raider vs. Raider - Oct. 16

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Voting closes on Monday, October 23.


Date Champion Challenger Result
Oct. 2 – Oct. 9 Curtis Meger Devon Skoleski Curtis Meger (54%)
Oct. 9 – Oct. 16 Curtis Meger Max Martin  Curtis Meger (65%)
Oct. 16 – Oct. 23 Curtis Meger Cole Fonstad